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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

him on providing electronic script copies and covers and other materials for
Gemstone's first issues, I know that Don may be the most eager of all of us
to see his work in his native language.  He has never had any objection to
the use of his work in weekly or monthly anthologies anywhere in the world.
He objects only to the reprinting of his work in all-one-creator editions,
using his name and identity as a marketing tool for high-priced volumes of
his work that has already appeared in that respective language in regular
"comics" format, and without any share of the profits going to him. I'm not
fully familiar with the disagreement the Italian creators appear to have
with their publishers, but Don is apparently not directly part of it -- it
is a completely separate matter.

Don requested that we not flood Egmont with letters about his "rights," real
or perceived, as he believes in first trying friendly communication
restricted to himself and the Egmont folks to resolve that issue.  I
certainly feel he is taking the high road in this regard.  That doesn't mean
we cannot be curious about what we might expect to see in future comic
magazines.  But we can all look forward to seeing Don's work in English
language Disney comic books in approved (and often IMPROVED) text and color
renditions, once Gemstone begins Disney comics publication.  I got to read
his scripts for all of these stories long ago, yet I cannot wait to own bona
fide US Disney comics with those stories in their ideal form.


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