Yossi Horowitz YMH at
Fri Mar 10 14:49:49 CET 2006

I hope it's not terribly rude of me to point out that they properly 
should be called "Carl Barks's Greatest DuckTales Stories," and not 
"Carl Barks' Greatest DuckTales Stories?" Since the word "Barks" isn't a 
plural, you can't use the rule for plural possessives on it.


dcml-request at wrote on 3/10/2006, 6:01 AM:

 > Hi all:
 > The DuckTales books will be in the prestige format trim size (approx.
 > 6.725" x 10.18") using DDA/MMA paper stocks. In short, just like
 > Dragonlords.
 > You can consider this official, 'cause I'm editing them.
 > Gary

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