Project Tio Patinhas 500 March 2007

asaramelli asaramelli at
Fri Mar 17 21:44:35 CET 2006

Next year,  March of 2007, we are going to receive the Comics 
Tio Patinhas 500  (Uncle Scrooge 500º edition ) 
The “Revista Tio Patinhas” was edited for the first time in December of 
1963, is a brazilian loved comics, and have breath leg to face the 
challenges and chances the future. 
The arrival of edition 500 is a very important event that cannot pass 
To know this especial moment is needed not only for the brazilians, but all 
the fans around of the world . 

In the last months we´ve been receiving only 4 histories monthly, always 
histories already published in the europe more than 6 months, and in some 
cases years ago. 
Therefore we are suggesting our local publisher to develop for the 500º 
edition a project to produce an edition really special . 

We are sending diverse suggestions so that this edition  becomes formidable. 
If you have a suggestion, send it directly (in english) for the 
“attendance to the reader dept” in the following adress: 

disney.abril at 

Or in case you prefer also send it for the brazilian fans, sends for my 

asaramelli at 

I translate your message and publish in the brazilian discussion list in 

Thanks in advance 

Alexandre Saramelli 
São Paulo –  Brasil 

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