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Arthur arthur at
Thu Mar 23 19:37:00 CET 2006

Hi all,
Two years ago I wrote two stories for Egmont; D/D 2004-046 ("Jumbo Jumble")
and D/D 2004-047 ("A Case of World Dumbination") and I was told that these
will be published some time in March/April this year. 
I live in the Netherlands, which is not an Egmont country, so I would really
appreciate it if someone on the list could let me know when they see these
stories appear in a comic. These are my first stories and I would really
like to have copies in some languages, so perhaps I could work out a trade
with some people. :o)
And thanks to Per Starbäck for taking care of this great list and for
setting it up in the first place.
Many thanks,
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