Mickey's shorts

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> Perhaps someone could help me with this question.  In most of the  
> Mickey stories published by Gladstone II by such artists as Noel  
> Van Horn, Ferioli, etc., Mickey usually wore some sort of shirt and  
> slacks.  Since Gemstone has started publishing though, most of the  
> times even when drawn by the same artists, he usually is shirtless  
> and only has on his red shorts, in other words, his more classic  
> look.  Can anyone tell me why this change happened?  Were some  
> artists told by Egmont to start drawing Mickey with a more  
> traditional look?  Or during Gladstone II were images of Mickey  
> redrawn so that he had a shirt and slacks on?  I personally like  
> the more classic look myself, but mostly am just curious for the  
> reason for this change.

My theory is that in recent years Disney's expressed preference for  
the "classic" version of their trademark has allowed that preference  
- always generally held, I think - to resurface at Egmont.

As for Gladstone II, we never would have even contemplated going to  
that kind of trouble.

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