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Tue Mar 28 13:57:21 CEST 2006

Does anyone of you have this issue of German Micky Maus :
This issue, mistakenfully depicted as 1965-35 is Asger Pedersen's work, is 
the only publication of the story "Duckburg, USA" ("Professor Primus von Quacks 
Geistestat Nr. 1"), W LVD 1-02, from 1961, in which we can read that Ludwig's 
ancestor Hofrat von Quack married Grandma's aunt, making Ludwig a distant 
cousin of Donald. Even if it's an invention of the translators it has been 
considered as a fact by several researchers.

Is it possible for somebody here to provide a scan of the panel in which this 
is told? or at least tells us in which panel  and which page of the story 
this is told?

Gilles Maurice

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