Sunken City (was RE: A cup of art)

Jonathan H. Gray jongraywb at
Mon May 1 21:25:45 CEST 2006

Ah. Well that sucks. =\

I'd always wondered what was on the agenda for the books after the 
cancellations. Too bad that some decent classic stories were injected into 
the books too late. :( Now I'm rather curious to see what the Phantom Fires 
cover would look like if one exists on the net.

Jonathan H. Gray

>	Hey Jonathan,
> >
>OK - I know that this is obviously a cover design depicting Paul Murry/Carl 
>Fallberg's WDC&S serial "The Sunken City" - thing is, I don't ever remember 
>seeing this cover used anywhere. Is it just the case of an unused cover or 
>did it actually see print anywhere?
>	It's an unused cover. It was planned for Disney Comics' MICKEY MOUSE 
>ADVENTURES 20, which would have reprinted the Murry story in question. A 
>(non-Royer) cover also exists for the cancelled MICKEY MOUSE ADVENTURES 19, 
>which was to have featured Murry's "Phantom Fires."
>	David


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