Story ratings

le Richard lerichard at
Tue May 2 09:44:38 CEST 2006


>OK, I've created an account on the Inducks site; now, how do I vote? I can't
>figure out where/how to register my votes. (For those who don't have an
>account yet: you click on "comics collection" at the top of the page to get
>to the page where you can create an account.)

>From any story page on the COA website, that can be reached by clicking on the
"storycode" of any story listing, there is a ink "rate this story" on the
right, middle of the page. An exception are gags/covers/illustrations that are
not included in the ratings.

Then either you are logged and have an account and can vote, or you have no
account, and you will be asked to register or login with a form to complete,
and you are immediately sent back to the vote page once you do. So you normally
don't need to bother where to find the register page, there always is a form to
register when needed.

Alternatively, you can also click on the top 100 and click on the "vote" link.
But then you can only vote to already rated stories.

Obviously, it's a good thing to rate little known stories that you like so that
others eventually find them. There are a few stories that I wanted to look at
myself when I saw them in the top 100.

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