A Helsinki visit (and komiks.dk)

Ole Damgaard ole at disneycomics.dk
Tue May 2 19:24:52 CEST 2006

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> I put some photographs on the Web at:
> http://dd50.inducks.org/fotos/j2006/index2006.html

I see you've already given your finnish guestbook-drawing a storycode... 

> There are also photos of the comic convention in Copenhagen on Sunday 
> (which I attended by coincidence!).

Yes, nice to see you again!
Sorry we didn't really had time to talk. Now that you mention it, there 
actually was a lot of dcml people at the Copenhagen comic convention last 
weekend( komiks.dk ) : Harry Fluks, Lars Jensen, AC Sivebæk, Thomas Pryds 
Lauritsen, Mads Jensen, Poul Spærhage, Niels Houlberg Hansen, and ...well, I 
don't remember if more of you guys were present.

Various other Disney comic guys were also to be seen at the convention, like 
Asger Pedersen, and other members of the Donaldist Society, professor 
Jacobsen of the "South Nordic Academy of Donaldism", and comic creators Per 
Hedman, Thomas Schrøder and Mårdøn Smet.


(Thanks for the ride to Copenhagen, Poul) 

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