Scrooge McDuck Sculpture: "I'm disinheriting you!"

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Sat May 6 00:05:37 CEST 2006

>>>>> From: Goofy313g at 
>>>>> I uploaded some pics of my sculpture that I just finished today here :
>>>>> it's made of clay, except the little Donald duck
>>>>> which is made of FIMO model paste...

The top view of  the whole statue is rather weird. The top view of  Donald, however, is really good.
I love the blown-up proportions of  Scrooge and the cannon. I could have done without the devil's horns, however-- or you might have just suggested them with his feathers, like is often down in the comics.
Why is Scrooge's coat black?

Great work!
I wish I could do such things...

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