The Gremlins graphic novel will be reprinted

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Thu May 18 20:18:10 CEST 2006

In 1943 the Disney Studio produced a book with beautiful full page color drawings including the Gremlin characters. Never reprinted until now, the original books in good condition are often sold for more than $1000.

Dark Horse Comics has announced publication and they are already up for pre-sale on Amazon (I don't know if Gemstone or Egmont passed up the opportunity to make the reprint!).

After the book, the various gremlins then became classic Disney comic characters with their appearance in Walt Disney Comics and Stories Nos. 31 thru 44 in standard comic book panel stories in the first Western Printing series. 

Most of the comics were drawn by Walter Kelly, later of Pogo fame.  Many of these comic book stories reappeared in the Gladstone I series.

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