Fw: Subscription of Italian Disney comic books

Archontis Pantsios apantsio at ac.anatolia.edu.gr
Wed Nov 1 14:19:41 CET 2006


>>> The subscriptions are offered thru
>>> Mondadori and it can be also done electronically at  www.abbonamenti.it
>> The subscription forms only allow you to enter an Italian address.  I
>> assume
>> that you will instead have to contact them by e-mail, telephone, fax or
>> mail:
>> http://www.abbonamentionline.com/abbonamenti/informazioni.asp?mscssid=JQP7CN11XJ4S8LPCHJQ23XE48BDFC7E2

No; like I said in my original email, I re-new my subscriptions. This means
that I already have a code which I punch in and check my subscription

Like I said, they may not offer new subscriptions any more and I'm one among
the (lucky) international remainders! :-)


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