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Tue Nov 7 19:01:02 CET 2006


Wizards of Mickey is a new ten-part fantasy story starring Mickey, Donald
and Goofy that was started in Italian weekly Topolino magazine last month.
The series has an amazing official website at,
and since recently the site offers FREE DOWNLOADS of past chapters in PDF

I believe that publishing Disney comic stories online, for free, is an
unprecedented event in Disney comics history.

Here is an idea; what if Gemstone started to publish Disney comic stories
online, perhaps not as downloadable PDFs, but in some kind of digital format
with copy protection. The stories could be presented alongside
advertisements to generate revenue in the same way that ABC is showing their
TV shows online (viewers are forced to sit through short commercial breaks).
This would certainly beat the continuing issue of higher paper costs.

Could it be the future of reading (Disney) comics? What do you think?

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