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Wed Nov 8 13:53:50 CET 2006

Many thanks to David Gerstein for his reply to my earlier comments!  I
will also add my thanks for his efforts in keeping the Disney Comics
tradition alive, despite what is happening in the market.

I still do occasionally buy the comic books for my niece, but since I am
a Catholic school teacher in difficult financial waters, the rising price
of the books is a problem for me.

One thing to keep in mind is the decline in the number of children: the
negative birth rate in Europe is well documented.  And even in the U.S.,
without immigrants, the birth rate here would not be the best either. 
And since many immigrants often do not have the extra money for a comic
book costing nearly $9.00 now, that is not much of a market either.

It would seem, however, that the cheaper books would be an excellent way
for immigrant children to learn English.  In reverse, I have used Disney
Comics in my German and Latin courses throughout the years. Exactly how
immigrant populations could be targeted for Disney Comics is something
Gemstone would have to work on: it would not be an impossible problem
to solve.

As a result of  the lower birth rates, the market is small and becoming
smaller.  If the next generation decides to have more children, then
comic books might survive beyond the collector's market. 


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