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Fri Nov 17 18:12:27 CET 2006

> There's no need the turn the situation on its head and to play with
> statistics.

Daniel, I believe David gave everyone here a fair statistical  
summation of what lies behind the perception some have expressed  
about the content of Gemstone comics. And while numbers can't  
necessarily change someone's perception, they do point out that  
statements in the nature of "Gemstone is only re-re-reprinting" are  
only perception, not fact.

> Already at Gladstone the collectors oriented comics were just
> filled up with Barks stuff that was re-reprinted. Gladstone acted  
> as if they
> are poor people that need our support to stay alive. But Disney  
> comics are
> no charity. Disney comics are commercial products.

I have to presume you haven't given us your support for quite some  
time, since the only support we have ever asked from anyone is to buy  
our comics. In that way it is a purely commercial relationship,  
always has been, always will be. You opted to stop buying our comics,  
which is what we would only expect a dissatisfied customer to do, and  
we would never expect you to buy another issue - in short, support us  
- unless and until you felt we might once again be publishing  
products to your liking.

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