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Chuck wrote that he didn't mind seeing some reprints in the monthly books.  What is more important is his reason though, "I accept it as a way to introduce classic stories to a new audience."  That would be a laudable goal, but I don't think it is a reality though.  Both Chuck and I discovered Disney comics through Barks reprints.  I just do not think that is happening today though.  I imagine that 95% or more of the readers of the two remaining monthly titles, U$ and WDC&S, are dedicated Disney comics fans.  I doubt very many kids are reading these two titles at all, thus are there really that many new people being *introduced* to Disney comics via these reprints?  I don't think so.

So in essence, Chuck is being very generous and charitable, which is wonderful *if* this generosity and charity pays off in new readers.  So I have a question for you Chuck.  Just answering the question *selfishly*, what would you like to see in the two monthly titles if your only concern was for what *you* wanted to see?  If you still would want to see a combination of reprints and new stories for your *own* enjoyment, that is fine.  However, perhaps for *yourself* you would rather see new stories and not reprints of stories you already have?  Just wondering?

Steven writes that he feels pessimistic.  I feel the same way too and also *hate* feeling that way. :(   However since all we have seen and experienced in the past 20 years with Disney comics, isn't it kind of normal and realistic to be at least somewhat pessimistic?

Pessimism though does not have to translate into giving up though, and I am very thankful that Gemstone has *not* given up all hope on reaching new and/or younger readers.  I really hope that their "Shonen Jump" style blank and white titles does great!  I think the key though is where it will be able to be sold.  If it just ends up in comics book stores, I don't see how that will work.  However, if it can get into bookstores and/or magazine stands I think it has realistic chance at decent sales.  Perhaps this is *way* too early for you to know, Gary, but what are the plans for *where* this "Shonen Jump" style title will be sold?  Is there any hope or chance that it could actually be sold right next to or near the actual "Shonen Jump" magazine?  That would be fantastic!

Finally, thanks to Chuck for bringing up how lucky and fortunate we are for having dedicated Disney comics fans who have provided us with the possibility to read Disney comics these past 20 years or so.  Without Bruce Hamilton and Steve Geppi, none of these discussions here on the mailing list would even be taking place as there would have been *no* Disney comics in North America for last 20+ years!

Dean Rekich

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