More Gemstone thoughts

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sun Nov 19 14:45:36 CET 2006

DEANMARY, 18-11-2006:
> Finally, thanks to Chuck for bringing up how lucky and fortunate we are for
> having dedicated Disney comics fans who have provided us with the possibility
> to read Disney comics these past 20 years or so.  Without Bruce Hamilton and
> Steve Geppi, none of these discussions here on the mailing list would even be
> taking place as there would have been *no* Disney comics in North America for
> last 20+ years!
I think Bruce Hamilton and Stevi Geppi are turned into holy saints this way. I
see them as business men making commercial products. The fact that they make
products of my interest, doesn't mean that they should be praised as if they're
messiahs. I have great difficulties with such idolizing.
The same for DCML-contributions by Gemstone-employees like Gary Leach and David
Gerstein. It's great that they answer and inform us, really great, but the
subject is still related to their professional work. Companies don't need to
contact their customers, but it can be in their own benefit if they do. For
example, your complaints about Gemstone may have been bad publicity for
Gemstone, something that they'd rather try to refute.

I respect Bruce Hamilton, Stevi Geppi, Gary Leach and David Gerstein for their
If I would need their charity to read a Disney comic, I wouldn't be able to
enjoy it at all. It would mean that philanthropics are trying to reanimate a
dead body for my enjoyment. If a body is dead, it's dead. Therefore I don't
believe that the efforts are charity. I've heard the Hamilton-myth and the
Geppi-myth before, and it just feels wrong to look at commercial people this
way. They're turned into guru's we should thank on our knees, just because they
publish a comic.

Let Bruce Hamilton, Stevi Geppi, Gary Leach and David Gerstein save the rain
forests. That would be charity.


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