Robert Hutchings robertmhutchings at
Thu Oct 5 04:00:29 CEST 2006

Elaine wrote:

<<<OK, so it's possible no one else is interested in
this--but I thought 
report on the bit of research I was able to do on the
appearances of 
May & June as Chickadees or other scout-equivalents.
(Very incomplete
research, because I don't have access to many of the
relevant comics 
could only afford to buy a smattering of them!) Robert
Barks put AM&J in the Chickadees in "Whale of a Good
Deed," but I've 
read it
now and don't see AM&J among the Chickadees. So unless
they appear in 
Hath Charms" (which I haven't seen), I don't believe
Barks enrolled 
them in
the Chickadees.>>>

I write: Wow, Elaine. Great research! Hmm. Guess I was
wrong. I've got a very clear image in my mind of the
scene in which I thought they existed, but perhaps I'm
actually thinking of another story. It's been a few
years since I read this one. I'm surprised about Barks
not using April, May, and June as Chickadees. I would
have bet money that Barks used them at some point, but
it would appear that I would have lost. Thanks for all
the info.

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