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  DUCKOMENTA MALMÖ opens Thursday and invites
  to vernissage and panel disccussion
  The Swedish comic art society Seriefrämjandet opens the
  gates for the art exhibition Duckomenta in Malmö,
  southern Sweden, on October 19. The exhibition includes
  works by German artists Interducks, who since 1982 have
  created an astounding number of pastiches of famous art
  objects, seen from a Disney-inspired duck and mouse
  perspective. With their interpretations of works from
  Egyptian sculptures to modern art, created with great skill
  and knowledge about the original techniques and
  materials, the Interduck artists aim to challenge the
  borders between »fine« and popular art. Bring your sense
  of humor and experience an alternative journey through
  the duckomented history of mankind.
  The main events, in addition to the exhibition, are the
  opening, Thursday Oct. 19, with several prominet guests
  present, and a panel discussion on art and popular culture.
  Lasse Åberg, Swedish artist and actor, famous for his
  artistic interpretations of Mickey Mouse, will open the
  exhibition in the company of Prof. Dr. Eckhart Bauer from
  Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig, who in
  the 1980s initiated the Duckomenta project. Also present
  will be Rüdiger Stanko, one of the artists behind the
  TIME AND ADDRESS: Thursday 19 October at 19:00.
  Kulturhuset Mazetti, Friisgatan 15B, Malmö, Sweden.

  The panel discussion with four Swedish historians, artists
  and art critics will be held in the exhibition hall 
  Monday October 23 at 19:00.

  Duckomenta Malmö will be open for the public every day
  until November 4.
THUR 11.00-20.00 * SAT & SUN 11.00-16.00

More information about the Malmö exhibition,
  Seriefrämjandet and for the press is found at
  <> (in Swedish)

  More information about Duckomenta is found at

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