Disney exhibition in Paris ! ! ! You guys must see that!

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Thanks, Gilles, for your report on exhibition! Very interesting.

I instantly started to google for Bertnard Lavier's Disney inspired sculptures you mentioned. I found this:

>Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

>Bertrand Lavier 
>1947-1995, n. 1 1995 
>cellulose painting on
>polyester resin

>Bertrand Lavier: Walt Disney Productions,explores the tenuous realm between high art and the everyday. Lavier's series, Walt Disney 
>Productions, was inspired by a 1947 Disney cartoon that reflects a sophisticated play with the cliché of Modernism. The original cartoon, entitled, 
>"Very Abstract Lines," shows Minnie Mouse defending modern art to a skeptical Mickey as they visit an art museum in which caricatures of 
>Modernist painting and sculpture abound. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Lavier usurped the artworks pictured in the cartoon, enlarging them and 
>further manipulating them in the form of Cibachrome photographs imprinted on aluminum, aquatints, black-and-white photographs, photogravures, 
>inkjet on canvas, and three-dimensional polyester sculptures, continuing to find in this theme new and fascinating permutations. Removed from the 
>intentionally ironic atmosphere of the comic strip, these artworks hover between formal elegance and out-of-whack surrealism.

You can see also small picture there: http://www.mcasd.org/exhibitions/archives/archive_lavier.html

I wonder if there's some error, since I couldn't find any cartoons with that title. Or were his sculptures actually derived from comic strip or comic book story? Nevertheless, Inducks finds nothing with the given title.

Can anybody recall any Mickey Mouse comics that goes with description above?

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  I went to this exhibition last weekend, I've never seen such an interresting and fresh look at Disney's work.
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