Gemstone cancellations

Fabio Blanco longtom at
Fri Oct 27 10:46:51 CEST 2006

The only book I was buying from Gemstone was Donald Duck & Friends, 
because I tried to effort the prestiges ones and was very expensive pay 
seven dollars monthly. By the way I live in Argentina and have to pay 4 
pesos for every dollar.

I'll keep fighting for an argentinian edition of my favorite characters. 
I recently helped with a book containing stories from Barks, Don Rosa, 
Floyd Gottfredson and (I believe) Paul Murry. Is one single volume of 
one of these comic collections that came with a newspaper, but is the 
only Duck (and mouse) stuff published here in years.

I like the books, but a book can be not to expensive. Look at the 
wonderful "Mestres Disney" books from Brazil. They are issuing the 
Complete Works of Carl Barks in a nice and affordable edition.

sorry, not too much happy with the news...

I miss my Picsou subscription


deanmary escribió:
> As far as the two prestige titles go, raising the price from $6.95 to 
> $7.50 is more than fair considering that the price on these books has 
> not increased since 1997.  That gives me an idea though.  If Uncle 
> Scrooge and WDC&S are still successful for Gemstone, why not make 
> Donald Duck and Friends and Mickey Mouse and Friends monthly $7.50 books? 


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