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Roy e.nd royendredahl at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 28 16:26:22 CEST 2006

I am not sure this is quite the correct forum to put this question, but I 
believe there are a lot of experts on the topic here.

For some years now I have collected American Disney comics, and have created 
a collection of some 1000s comics. I have stored the most treasured in mylar 
bags, and have now desided to upgrade my storage of all my comics.

Therefor I am also considering the options of Life Extender papers and 
backing boards. What is your opionion on these products?

In addition, what types of mylar bags do you recommend? Most of my 
collection which are not already in a mylar bag are post 1980s, which means 
I will buy regular and/or current size editions. But would you prefer the 
MyLites from comicsupply.com, or do you recommend Mylar Sleeves from 
BCEMylar.com? Also, is it necessary with 2 or 4 mil of mylar protection?

My hope is that these comics will be with me for more than 50 years, until 
my retirement. To ensure this they need a better protection than what they 
suffer under today.

Although I have been a subscriber to this mail list for quite some time, 
this is only my first message. I would just like to thank everyone for their 
contribution in a lot of interesting information and comments on every sort 
of Disney-news and stories from the last century.

All the best,

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