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First off, sorry for the double posting last digest. :(   The first time I sent it I got I message back that it did not go through.

Mark wrote and wondered how a DD&F or a MM&F could sell better at a $7.50 price than at a $2.95.  Well, for one thing, I don't think Gemstone has come out and said that these titles sell a lot worse than the two prestige titles.  They said they cannot make money on them at $2.95.  I think there is a big difference.  I have seen on the Net a few sites that list the sale of comic book titles each money.  Now I have *no* idea how accurate these stats are, but if they are any good at all, from what I have read all *four* Gemstone titles sell roughly the same amount.  Of course they do not sell exactly the same, but it is not like one title sells twice as much as the lowest selling title does.  So until Gemstone tells us otherwise, I am not so sure that two $2.95 titles were a sales failure.

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