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Leo Schulte schulte at
Wed Apr 4 13:50:14 CEST 2007

Many thanks to Dan Shane for informing us about Don Rosa's work these
days: I am sure everyone hopes he still has some stories percolating,
perhaps about how Uncle Scrooge survived WWI, the Depression, and WWII,
if such events hit the Duckburg Universe!

Mr. Rosa gave us the early years of Scrooge's life: how about those
middle years?  The Roaring 20's, movies (silent and "all-talking"),
radio, mass production: how was Scrooge involved?  Did he ever meet
Calvin Coolidge?  Hoover? FDR?  Einstein?  Thomas Wolfe?  Stravinsky? 
Schoenberg?  Gandhi?  Clark Gable?  John Wayne?

Not to mention the Unholy Three: Tojo, Hitler, and Stalin?

And how exactly did Donald end up as the guardian for those nephews?

"Inquiring minds want to know!"
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