Are the next two Gemstone TPBs on schedule?

Travis Seitler travis.joel.seitler at
Sat Apr 7 22:17:47 CEST 2007

They've been delayed a bit, that's all. Always take Amazon listings with a
grain of salt... :)

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On 4/7/07, deanmary <deanmary at> wrote:
>  In my latest monthly order from Westfield Comics, neither the Walt Disney
> Treasures: A Little Something Special TPB or the Disney's DuckTales: Scrooge
> Quest TPB was listed.  I found this odd as US #367, WDC&S # 682, and the
> Uncle Scrooge Adventures: Land of the Pygmy Indians & War of the Wendigo
> issue were all listed and all according to are scheduled to be
> published *after* the 2 TPBs.  Have these 2 TPBs been delayed or cancelled?
> If Gary or anyone at Gemstone could let us now it would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great Easter!
> Dean Rekich
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