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Concerning the History of Comic Books: check this site:  http://www.dereksantos.com/comicpage/index.html

He is heavy on superhero stuff, but you might find some insight.

The main person involved in the decline of comic books and of reading in general is Mr. T.V.  There are many other reasons, and you want to be careful of reductionism.  There is no one cause involved, but rather many factors intertwining.

Ultimately, if you have great or even good stories, you will find at least a "remnant" of readers (to use Albert Jay Nock's term for the underground who keeps a civilization going during times of barbarism) to support them.  This has been the case in the last 20 years with Don Rosa and William Van Horn: sales were not the way they were 50 years ago, but there were at least some people willing to support the stories.

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> Today's Topics:
>     1. Rise and fall of Dell and Gold Key article?
>        (Gunnarsson, Joakim SE - HMJ)
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> Subject: Rise and fall of Dell and Gold Key article?
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> Are there any good articles or texts on the subject of the rise and fall of
> American Disney comics out there?
> I'm thinking of the record sales in the 50's and how it all went down from
> there, changing to Gold Key and Whitman and ending with low sales and
> reprint upon reprint 3 packs in the mid 80's.
> Are there any analysis on how and why it went so wrong? Why the sales
> dropped etc.
> Any help or links would be greatly apprecciated.
> Or you can mail me direct at joakim.gunnarsson (at) egmont.se
> BTW: Posted some rare Murry art on my blog yesterday. Go check it out.
> > From now on every Monday will be "Murry Monday" with unusual art. :-)
> /Joakim.
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