Don Rosa Eisner nomination

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Fri Apr 20 01:24:01 CEST 2007

As much as I like and enjoy reading Rosa's stories, I'd 
regret to see him get an Eisner Award for "The Black 
Knight GLORPS again!", because that's really not one of 
his best stories and certainly can't stand up against "A 
Matter of Some Gravity" and the Lo$-series, which were 
actual Eisner Award winners.

First and foremost, the story is derivative of the earlier 
story "The Black Knight", which was better than its 
sequel. Secondly, the story can't stand on its own, as it 
needs too much explaining about things that happened in 
previous stories. I feel the narrative is bogged down by 
these explanations.

Thirdly, some of the panels have artwork that really 
shouldn't be allowed in comics, especially panel 10.7, 
where Miss Quackfaster's hand is cropped off, where Rosa 
could have let her point outwards the panel. The middle of 
the panel is a big closed door, and the characters are 
pushed to the edge of the screen. There should be another 
way to show this situation.

Fourthly, the story reuses a Barks character, the museum 
 director from "The Golden Helmet", who was originally a 
sterner and more rounded character, but comes off very 
bland in Rosa's story, in which he has only a minor part.

Upon rereading "The Black Knight GLORPS again!" I got a 
more favourable impression than I remembered having. It's 
an amusing story and it works well once you know where 
it's heading. Still, it can be unfavourably compared to so 
many other stories that I don't think it would deserve the 
Eisner Award for which it's nominated.

If any, Rosa should have the Eisner Award for Cramming the 
Highest Possible Amount of Information in Twenty-Five 


Michiel Prior.

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