Guns in Disney comics

Vidar Svendsen vidar-svendsen at
Wed Apr 18 16:16:07 CEST 2007

Nils Lied Hjort skrev:
> DIn which (and how many) Barks and Rosa stories
> do we see our Ducks with real guns (hand-guns,
> pistols, revolvers, rifles) in their hands? 
*There may be more stories, but have a look at:

OS 79 **MM and the Riddle of the red Hat*
OS 291* The magic Hourglass**
US 29 Island in the Sky* *WDC 51 Donald´s Sea-side Home* *
US 32 That´s no Fable*
*WDC 52 The trade Rats*
WDC 78 *Donald´s Safe**
WDC 87 The Pilgrim Turkey Hunter**
WDC 110 Goldiducks and the three Bears*
*WDC 114 **Serum to Codfish Cove*
WDC 17*6 **Hiccuping Ghost*
*WDC 278 **Have Gun - Will dance
JW 12 **Hound of the Moaning Hills

Don Rosa:
AR 102 Son of the Sun
D 92008 The Buckaroo Of The Badlands

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