Gun shootings in duck comics

Larry Giver lgiver at
Fri Apr 20 08:21:58 CEST 2007

	Nils  mentioned several Bark comics with gun violence.  It reminded me 
that in The Magic Hourglass, 4C291 Sept. 1950, Donald and Huey, Louie and 
Dewey were actually hired by the leader of the camel caravan to be riflemen 
guards.  How old are HDL supposed to be in these stories?  On page 16 their 
shooting diverts an attack on the caravan by the raiders of No Issa.  Huey 
actually advises the caravan camel drivers how best to aim at the raiders.
	About 8 years ago the Duckhunt website held a contest for writing a duck 
story.  I won the contest by writing a Rosa-style script sequel to this 
Magic Hourglass story I titled "Return to No Issa".  I can send a copy via 
email to anyone interested.
	And another thing I recall about guns:  there were advertizements for 
rifles is some of the American comics back in the 1950s.  Some were just 
"BB guns" that shoot pellets by compressed air, but I think some shot small 
bullets.  I think these advertizements were for ordering by mail delivery.
	Best wishes,    Larry Giver.

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