"Duck exhibit in the Netherlands" Ray and Becky's question

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Dick Ruhl: " Was a native of Sapulpa, Oaklahoma, where in the third grade of school, his teachers and parents took notice of his natural talent in cartooning. Upon graduation from high school at the early age of 15, he attended the Choulinard School of Art in Los Angeles. Disney artists, teaching in the school, selected him as a student animator. His skill in drawing Donald Duck brought him fame in the 30's & 40's at the studio as being the fastest duck animator on the lot. He could draw a duck in less than a minute. However,as with all Disney animators, he possessed the skill to draw any of the characters. He painted with the unique technique of pastels."      Before his death he sold or gave away some prints of his previous work. You can see images of originals in my gallery at comicartfans.com. Click on letter B, click BOOKS, DENNIS, click RUHL, DICK. ...anything for a duck or mouse, Dennis
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