Disney Adventures Cancelled

Jonathan H. Gray jongraywb at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 17:29:56 CEST 2007

Seems too much like common sense... =\

Can't say that I'm not glad to see it go though. Back in the day, I used to 
read DA solely for its comics - when it had a constant stream of Disney 
Afternoon related materials from Ducktales to Roger Rabbit to the occasional 
Mickey Mouse on down to Bonkers. *That* was DA at its prime. Certainly 
nothing Barksian or Rosanian in quality but many of the stories were average 
to pretty decent in quality and certainly no worse than anything you'd find 
in the middle of your typical old school Comics & Stories books or random 
DD/MM/G backup fillers that we've always gotten. It's quite funny to me as 
we got Rosa's only Ducktales story, drawn by Cosme Quartieri (and recently 
reprinted in the latest U$ issue) and eventually most of William Van Horn's 
"Nervous Rex" series which predates his Disney work through DA. Heck I was 
even introduced to Bone through it, so the book certainly wasn't useless.

Sad thing is, even through all that other neatness, I assume that the main 
reason it won't be missed by many is that no matter how good the stuff was 
in the past, the stuff they've been producing since the then has been just 
about 100% garbage, and even if on the slim chance that the comic they're 
producing IS Disney related, its so watered down and kiddie that it's 
borderline insulting. The Disney Comics era of old is long gone and dead. 
Talk about out with a whimper... =\

What were your favorite stories from the DA period? The only ones that I can 
think of immediately would be Return to Blaggard Castle (Mickey Mouse), the 
Space Mickey Trilogy (painted stories are few and far between), a couple of 
Darkwing Duck and Ducktales stories whose plots I can recall but not names, 
and especially "The Legend of the Chaos God" which up until "The Orb Saga" 
and "Mythos Island" I think was the only major Disney Comics crossover in 
existance (unless someone can prove otherwise).

It's too bad some of those stories - especially Return to Blaggard Castle as 
a Mickey serial - may not be reprinted anytime soon 
The good ones I think would make somewhat decent C&S filler material, 
especially if accompanied by a trademark Gemstone style article shedding 
some light on its production. But perhaps that's blasphemy to the old school 
purists who are too afraid to see a little new school on occasion...

**cough** :)

Jonathan H. Gray

>From: Leo Schulte <leeschulte at mac.com>
>To: dcml at nafsk.se
>Subject: Disney Adventures Cancelled
>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:16:55 -0700
>Just typical of some of the "less than intelligent" decisions made by 
>businesses, especially at times Disney.
>Were they losing money, or just not content with "small profits," like the 
>greedy farmlady in Chicken Run?
>You would think they would at least find a buyer to take over the operation 
>as a licensed product!  Like Gemstone!

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