DA cancellation

Arthur de Wolf arthurdewolf at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 19:03:25 CEST 2007

Gary Leach wrote:
> As for finding a licensee to take it over, that would be a dim prospect
> Disney's made it plain they no longer consider this particular publication
> and that's just not an encouraging selling point.

Disney Adventures had a really good distribution network. You could find it
at many supermarkets in the U.S., often even at registers next to some of
the most popular magazines. It's a shame that they gave up this space, as I
remember reading when Disney Magazine got canceled a place like that is
difficult to get back. Would it have been possible for Disney to transfer
this shelf space to Gemstone? It would have been great if this space was
given to Gemstone's comics, at least for a trial run of several months. Sure
Walmart already sells Uncle Scrooge and WDC&S on their website, but there's
nothing like having those comics at regular stores where parents and kids
can see them every day.

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