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Travis Seitler travis.joel.seitler at
Wed Aug 29 22:47:06 CEST 2007


Even if we resuscitated one of our digest titles, we'd lose several months
> of costs for that shelf space - which in fact are wire "pockets" - until we
> could get one shipped.

Not necessarily--since the digests were volume-numbered only (no cover
dates), we could have reprinted our combined 33 printed volumes while we
ramped up for production like that. The most we would have had to do--if we
were to run them under a common title--would be to have Quebecor swap out
the cover/indicia.

I'm not saying it would have been financially viable, mind you; just saying
that even with the little advance notice the public's received (final issue
dated November 2007) we *could* have potentially taken over that slot
without any downtime.

// Travis Seitler
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