DCML Digest, Vol 48, Issue 9

Anders Siveb æ k acs at inducks.org
Wed Feb 28 19:34:11 CET 2007

Magnus Bark wrote: 

>Included in this week's (# 9-2007) Swedish Kalle Anka & Co, there >is a small poster by Don Rosa that celebrates "60 years of >Scrooge McDuck adventurers". 
This poster is also out in Norway, Finland and in the back of the german DD Sonderheft. 

>The poster is probably also published in the Danish and 
>Norwegian editions. 
Sadly not the danish edition. We did get two of the posters - different ones than the ones you've gotten so far - in our weekly some weeks ago. We fans of course hope to get them all, but our local publisher haven't been very open about their plans for this. I'd prefer them one per month - but let's see. 

BTW it is possible to see all 3 so far published posters on the webpage of Jano and co.: www.duckmania.de

AC, lurker and old DCML'ian - hoping this goes through. 


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