Barks Rajah in Return to plain awful ?

Nicolas Roudier (Internet) roudier.nicolas3 at
Mon Jan 8 14:21:04 CET 2007

In the last panel of page 3 of Don Rosa's AR130 "Return to plain awful", we 
can recognize wainting for Scrooge at the airport : Longhorn Tallgrass, 
Chisel McSue, a Brutopian, Azure Blue and ... also a rajah. So I supposed 
that Don Rosa used a Barks character as the fifth man, but I'm not sure : 
among the differente stories where a rajah appears in Barks stories (Rajah 
of Footsore WDC 277/1, Maharajah of Backdore  WDC 103/2, Maharajah of 
Bumpay, Maharajah of Hoopadoola MOC 4/1, Maharajah of Eyesore US 24/1, 
Maharajah of Howduyustan WDC 138/2) the only one which seems to be correct 
is Maharajah of Eyesore US 24/1 ( The Twenty-Four Carat Moon), which is 
reinforced by the fact that  Longhorn Tallgrass is also in this story...

What do you think ? Am I right ? Is there others apearences ? 

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