Papernika! not another super hero!

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To Rich : i need to read more carefully your comments on my message but taking a look at your interesting thoughts, i want to precise the following thing : that is true that Paperinik is not a recent creation but at his beginning, in the earliest episodes of the seventies, his stories were more detective oriented than today (his first adventures make me think of the french villain 'fantomas' which was the main character of a popular detective novel printed at the beginning of the twentieth century); if you take some stories of Paperinik nowadays, you will find perhaps not an utter copy of the Batman universe but something which is near of that, and very far from the spirit of the beginning; i can give you examples : if you take a look at the stories of Paperinik by Lorenzo Pastrovicchio/Stefano Piano, or better than that at a story like 'The Legacy' (2005) by Andreas Pihl/Mardon Smet, you will understand what i mean, especially the last story quoted is very similar to the Batman's gothic universe.
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