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> I have a question for Gary.  At first you compared a possible B/W  
> Gemstone title to "Shonen Jump".  Later you seemed to compare it  
> more to a Showcase/Essentials type title.  I think there are two  
> big differences to the two.  One, Shonen Jump comes out on a  
> regular basis like a periodical.  Showcase/Essentials do not come  
> out on a monthly or regular basis.  Two, Shonen Jump costs about 5  
> or 6 dollars each, whereas Showcase/Essentials cost more like  
> between $15.00 and $20.00.  I would be curious whether Shonen Jump  
> or Showcase/Essentials is the type of B/W title Gemstone is  
> considering?  Of course from what has been written on the list,  
> Gemstone may be reconsidering having such a B/W title at all.

Shonen Jump is distributed to newsstands, while the DC and Marvel  
black-and-white Silver Age collections - and Gemstone Disney comics -  
are not. So when I think of proposed black-and-white books in terms  
of their market presence,  I think in terms of the DC and Marvel  

However, the books themselves are not conceived as being  
retrospective. They're intended to contain recent material, not forty- 
year-old reprints. So when I think in terms of their content, I think  
of Shonen Jump.

In any case, it all boils down to arriving at a clear idea of how to  
proceed with publications that take cues from two main precedents  
like this.

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