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Dear Mr. Gary Leach,
       My first question is pretty  random, but I thought of it as I was 
organizing my prestige comics collection  from the Gladstone and Gemstone years. 
Any chance that Gemstone might develop or  sell some sort of special 
collectable storage case(s) for these books? If I  remember correctly, I think such a 
product was talked about during the Gladstone  years. However, it has not been 
mentioned since then. I would really like  something extra nice to put them in 
rather than simply protective covers and an  ordinary box, especially if such 
a product is directly affiliated with either  "Uncle Scrooge" or "Walt 
Disney's Comics and Stories."
      Secondly, is Gemstone doing anything  specifically pertaining to 
Scrooge McDuck's 60th Anniversary? On a similar  note, are there any special books 
in the pipeline this year or next that you  could list and briefly detail? I am 
still waiting for and highly looking  forward to a hardback collectible 
version of Don Rosa's "Life of Scrooge"  stories. Any progress or news on that 
      Please count me as an avid supporter of Rosa  reprints, because I enjoy 
the commentaries and improved coloring techniques as  well as reading these 
classics again from my childhood. I just hope Rosa does  some new classic 
stories in the foreseeable future (as he knows from my emails  to him)! Also, I 
would like to add my two cents in to the discussion  on this list and say that I 
wholeheartedly endorse a third prestige comic  book title. I believe that it 
should be called "Donald Duck," since that is  the third title that has lasted 
the longest in publication. I was disappointed  to see that "Donald Duck" was 
continued as merely a "regular" comic book when  Gemstone took over from 
Gladstone. Maybe now is the appropriate time for an  upgrade if it is financially 
feasible. I have no objection to "Donald Duck"  including Mickey-related 
adventures and storylines for a more diverse  contents.   
    Thanks for your time, and I love  receiving "Uncle Scrooge" and "Walt 
Disney's Comics and Stories" every  month. I hope your books last for quite a 
while and earn a more bigger  reading audience eventually, because they certainly 
deserve it. 
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