Dean's questions

Elaine Ramshaw elaine1 at
Mon Jan 22 23:04:27 CET 2007

I personally don't think there's an advantage to separating out the reprints
from the new material, though I understand your concern about the shrinking
space available for new-to-us stories. I'd be happy to have another monthly
title (if it's at least half duck stories), but I'd probably vote for a mix
of new and reprints in all the monthly titles. If, though, Gemstone were to
publish one all-reprint title and other all-new-to-us titles, I would
subscribe to all of the above. 

My overall wish is just for MORE of the same sort of stuff Gemstone has been
offering us. If they find it easier to produce or sell some of that in TPBs
rather than in monthly titles, that's fine, too. I'm aware, for instance,
that some of the Rosa stories serialized in Gladstone's WDC would probably
be too long to fit into a monthly title if published in one piece. I'd be
happy to see them in any format: published individually in a one-shot the
same size as a monthly title (a la the "Somewhere in Nowhere" comic), or in
a TPB that collects a bunch of Rosa stories. Or in a Hall of Fame-like
hardcover, for that matter. I would buy almost any Rosa collection, unless
(a) I already had all the stories and ancillary material in an album/TPB or
(b) it was a ridiculously expensive leather-bound volume. I bought the
Gemstone Life of Scrooge even though I had the Gladstone four-album set,
just to get the young Scrooge with the white hair Rosa intended and to have
the European cover art. I'd even buy a Rosa art collection that was all
cover art and pin-ups with no stories! (Has such a book been produced in
Europe? I heard rumors of one, once...)


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