Q: Bedste historier, Beste Verhalen, Kalle Ankas Bästisar ?

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Hello all!

Ever since the first issue of album series called  "Aku Ankan Parhaat" was 
published in 1974 - Finnish edition and equivalent of Danish "Bedste 
historier", Dutch "Beste Verhalen", Norvegian "Beste historier" or Swedish 
"Kalle Ankas Bästisar" -  each album carried a short introduction of Carl 
Barks on page 2, mentioning him as "the good artist" with few sentences 
about his artistic history plus naming him as creator of all stories within 
the album . This publication finally made Carl Barks' name known to *all* 
Did this introduction appeared in other countries as well?
I thought Guthenberghus/Egmont wanted to keep all the names of the creators 
hidden at least in those days. As far as I know this album series was 
collected in Denmark and printed at the same time for all nordic languages 
(+ in Dutch?).


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