Clarifiying my fuming about the US Postal Service

Chuck Munson chuckm_1962 at
Mon Jan 29 19:54:32 CET 2007

I should have reread that post a few times.

Specifically, this elimination of a class of service
will affect the costs for anyone either sending items
from the US to overseas addresses or anyone ordering
from overseas.  While this may have an impact for a
number of list members, it is by *no* means quite the
doom-and-gloom item that the current state of Gemstone
is for anyone collecting the US Disney comics.  Let's
face it: no comics at all and the question of postage
rates becomes irrelevant.  With comics, it is an
annoyance to the impacted group of collectors. 
(Granted that the size of the annoyance depends on
your ability to pay.) Just want to put things in a
more level-headed perspective, as a dear friend
pointed out to me.

Take care everyone and Happy Monday,
Chuck Munson
Herndon, Virginia, USA
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>    1. Re: Marco Rota drawing Don Rosa's world
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>    2. OT: US Postal Service is about to make our
> hobby more
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> Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:46:05 +0100
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> Subject: Re: Marco Rota drawing Don Rosa's world
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> >>>>
> >>>> At this page you can find a taste of the
> artwork that Marco Rota has 
> >>>> made
> >>>> for the Italian magazine "Zio Paperone",
> depicting covers and portraits 
> >>>> from
> >>>> Don Rosa's stories. I hope you'll enjoy it!
> Thanks a lot!
> I love Rota's style, and these are superb covers.
> Olivier 
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> Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:41:56 -0800 (PST)
> From: Chuck Munson <chuckm_1962 at>
> Subject: OT: US Postal Service is about to make our
> hobby more
> 	expensive (a	lot more!)
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> Hi everyone,
> With the talk of facsimile issues (if that were to
> happen) and our overseas friends needing issues
> shipped to them, an article that appeared in the
> latest issue of Linn's Stamp News, which I receive
> for
> my other hobby of stamp collecting, will be of
> eye-opening interest.  In an effort to "simplify"
> its
> services and eliminate "marginal" classes of mail,
> the
> Postal Service will drop all international surface
> mail, including parcel post. In this case, surface
> mail from the US reportedly still has 2.4 million
> pieces per year, but that's evidently a drop in the
> bucket of a total of 1 billion pieces that the US
> Postal Service handles each year.  This change will
> cost those of us who mail books, which rapidly pile
> up
> in weight, very dearly in airmail charges.  Which
> are
> also going up by the way.  What added insult to
> injury
> in the article was that the Postal Service
> representative suggested that if the airmail charges
> were unacceptable that the sender simply forward the
> money to the recipient so that the items could be
> purchased in their country.  Hello, what was she
> smoking!!!!!!  If the items were available in the
> country of the recipient, would we go to the expense
> of mailing them something already available.  I
> swear
> these people dont use the brain that God gave them. 
> I
> so want to contact the rep to "enlighten" her. 
> Obviously, she doesn't mail anything overseas. 
> Anyway, for those of us on this side of the pond, I
> suggest we find out who's on the committee that
> oversees the Postal Service and lobby them on behalf
> of ourselves and our friends.  I know that the
> Postal
> Service is only a "quasi-governmental agency, but I
> have a real problem with classes of mail that still
> have volume in the millions being eliminated
> wholesale, especially when I would guess a
> substantial
> amount of it is involved in individual transactions.
> OK, that's enough of my fuming,
> Take care everyone,
> Chuck
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