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The posters Don Rosa have made for Scrooge's 60th Anniversary is also published in Donald Duck & Co. Think it's the third so far this week. As Kalle Anka & Co, Anders And & co and Micky Maus, Aku Anka etc all are Egmont products, I guess the posters comes in them all... In some way or other.

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  Does anyone know if this or similar Don Rosa posters are available in Germany also?

  And again, Gemstone: why not offer a Don Rosa poster collection here in the U.S.?

  Magnus wrote:

  Included in this week's (# 9-2007) Swedish Kalle Anka & Co, there is a
  small poster by Don Rosa that celebrates "60 years of Scrooge McDuck
  adventurers". The poster is probably also published in the Danish and
  Norwegian editions.

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