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Michiel Prior wrote:  
"I guess I could have done with "I strongly disagree" [ instead of 'This is  
sheer nonsense'], 
which gives an equally adequate, but probably less  offensive, expression of 
my feelings towards your statement."
Thank you for that, Michiel.  With that said, everything else becomes  little 
more than a civil difference of opinion.  
Whether or not we agree on matters ranging from Bugs Bunny's Oscar (...not  
Bugs' or Friz Freleng's best work), to if Don Rosa's story in question is one 
of  his best (...for the record, I do not regard it as one of his best -- but 
only  because it lies in the company of such other stellar works) becomes 
fodder for  other List members to consider and add to the discussion.  
My opinions -- love 'em or hate 'em -- come from being a biased "fan of  this 
stuff".  The only sin in that would be to act as such, but fail to  openly 
characterize yourself as such.  Beyond that, it's all opinion -- and  "fannish 
bias" -- or lack thereof -- is key to forming opinion.  This  is no more than a 
debate between a biased "fan of this stuff" and someone who  might choose to 
be a bit more "open minded" -- and more power to both of  us!  
Where I'll take just one more disagreement with Michiel is  the following:   
"I think you are more in a position to do so than I am, 
since  apparently you live in the States, whereas I live in 
the Netherlands and  would have to go to greater lengths to 
lay my hands on copies on all of the  nominated stories. In 
fact, Rosa's story is by far the most easily available  
story in the batch, because it has seen print in so many 
different  countries."
Logistically, perhaps.  In the "Reality of Life Sense", not so  much!  Given 
both the blessings and curses of middle-class American life,  my time and 
funds to devote to comics are at all time lows.  I keep up with  (barely) that 
which I enjoy -- mostly from Gemstone and DC.  I once had a  greater inclination 
toward experimentation -- but no more.  
Besides, as a biased "fan of this stuff" I'd have no interest in seeking  out 
anything else -- unless it someone showed me that it was simply too good to  
pass up!  On the other hand, the very instruments of technology that allow  
Michiel and I to have this debate are open to him -- and to all members of  this 
List -- and would enable any and all to seek out and obtain these other  
If not Michiel, perhaps someone on the List could make this a  project.  It 
would be interesting to see the results -- and our collective  horizons 
(...even mine) might be broadened by the experience!  
Joe Torcivia.   

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