funny old 1930 'paper scraps'

David Gerstein gdavid at
Wed May 23 16:03:17 CEST 2007

	Hey Ole,

> I was recently asked about the origin of this funny old artwork:  
> , printed in Vienna, supposedly  
> sometime in the early 1930-s.
> Does anyone know anything about this? Or have a clue about who drew it?
	It's definitely not Disney-licensed artwork, that's all I can say... Moving on to the comments from the image's contributor,

> > What beats  
> > me is who and how anyone knew of all the characters in the early 1930's
	Er... because they were very well-known, even then? The art appears to date from about 1935, when a feature-length Disney short subject revue had just been appearing in German-speaking countries.
> > and why not draw them as they had seen them on film
	Looks to me like the artist was trying hard, but perhaps going from memory or from notes taken during a cinema viewing. Mickey's hairy tail is inexcusable.
	Interesting selection of characters, too... that appears to be a Funny Little Bunny (from the 1934 Silly Symphony) and the Flying Mouse at the bottom right. And the cow does not look like a Disney figure, unless perhaps someone confused Clarabelle with Borden dairies' Elsie mascot.


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