funny old 1930 'paper scraps'

Ole Damgaard ole at
Wed May 30 00:22:42 CEST 2007

David wrote:
> Interesting selection of characters, too... that appears to be a Funny  
> Little Bunny (from the 1934 Silly Symphony)

-Which seems to give extra weight to your theory about someone drawing it  
 from sketches and notes, perhaps drawn whilst watching a Disney cartoon at  
the movie theatre.

Joakim wrote:
> Funniest thing about these are that she apparently thinks she's got the  
> copyright to these images.

Yes, I wondered about that too...

Kriton wrote:
> putting her own copyright notice is probably better than scribbling  
> "hands of my stuff, you greedy DCML members"!

Well, *I* put them on the list, not her, so actually I guess it would be  
"hands of my stuff, you greedy nerd/fanboy"!  :-)



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