DCML Digest, Vol 57, Issue 3

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Sat Nov 10 00:47:14 CET 2007

From: "Robert J. Davidek" <rdavidek at crewbuchanan.com>
Subject: Don Rosa MIA from Mid Ohio Comicon?
>>>>The website for Mid Ohio Comicon doesn't list Don as a guest this year.
Does anyone know if this is an oversight, or whether Don will truly be
absent this year? 

Don WILL be absent from MidOhioCon this year... for the first time in 20
Don (I) was invited on a tour of Finland sponsored by a millionaire
department store / hotel owner. In countries like Finland, putting your name
on a Duck writer/artist's back is like sponsoring a golf pro or (shudder!) a
NASCAR driver in America. It improves the sponsor's image. NOTHING in
America is as popular and universally beloved as Carl Barks' Aku Ankka
(Donald Duck) is in Finland.
Anyway, I will travel all around Finland for over 2 weeks signing copies of
the 2-volume hardback slipcased "Life of $crooge" book set that the Finnish
publisher has released -- it's a page-for-page copy of the two great
Gemstone editions, a WISE move by the Finnish publisher. Neither Gemstone
nor *I* get a penny out of this, as usual. Only Disney and the publisher
profit from all our work. I've done many signing tours for the publishers.
This time, I am being offered a 50/50 deal on the profits from the sale of
my books as I sign them for fans. The fans pay nothing extra. I just get
half the profits from sales. This is somewhat better than the 100/0 deal I
have always gotten from the publishers. And the seller made me the offer --
I would never have asked for such a large cut!
So... this is a new concept for me, to profit from my own popularity! A
first. I was invited for a month-long tour, but despite how much $ that
might mean, I just can't leave my wife and my dogs and my grass and all else
alone for so long. It would be too cruel and irresponsible. So I'm giving it
2.5 weeks. Nov. 20 to Dec. 10 But that required the cancellation of my
annual trip to Roger Price's MidOhioCon, with great apologies to him! He
always treats me as if he was... Finnish! But I'll make triply sure that I'm
there in 2008!
But maybe you can visit me in my tourbus in Helsinki? Or Tampere? Tuuri?
Oulu? Turku? Etc., etc.?     No?

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