The Pied Piper of Duckburg

Stefan Persson spe at
Wed Nov 14 17:57:03 CET 2007

Today I received my copy of the latest issue of the Swedish Donald Duck
weekly, issue 47 from 2007, containing a Jippes version of The Pied Piper
of Duckburg, and I noticed that it's quite different from Rosa's version.
Barks sketches only tell what is supposed to happen on the first three
pages, so Rosa and Jippes had to come up with the rest of the story

The first three pages are mostly the same in both versions, but I found
some differences:
* On page 1, Rosa drew the money bin much closer to Barks' original
sketches, with no grass between the money bin and the street. Jippes, on
the other hand, added a large lawn around the money bin, and drew it more
like the normal money bin, although not on top of a hill. In Jippes
version, it is on the other hand located on top of a hill on a later page
in the story, which looks a little inconsistent.
* On page 2, Gyro's electronic question answerer tells Gyro to blow up a
bridge in Barks' original sketches. In the Rosa version, this was kept,
but in the Jippes version, the answerer tells Gyro to open the bridge
instead. This difference also resulted in quite different bridge designs
in the two versions.
* On page 3, the different money bin designs are shown once again. The
lamp outside of Gyro's laboratory looks different in the two versions,
with Rosa's lamp being closer to the original Barks sketches. There are
also some other minor differences, although nothing important.
* Page 4 and on are completely different, with a completely different plot
in each version. Another difference is the page count: Rosa drew 8 pages,
while Jippes drew 9.

All in all, it was interesting to see this story in a new interpretation.


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