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Olivier (M&D) mouse-ducks at
Fri Nov 16 20:39:07 CET 2007

Jonathan, quoting me:
>>>> I'm sure the comics would be more endurably appealing to casual readers
>>>> if  you tried to return to the kind of stories Gladstone used to run,
>>>> rather than print such new stories, believing that their being contemporary
>>>> (cell phones, computers, future world biker Mickey, ...)
>>>> makes them more alluring. The truly good stories are never outdated.

Jonathan's reply:
>>>> True, but remember also: Endless reprints are NOT a good thing.

Oh no, I didn't mean reprints. I was referring to the *kind* of  stories I said I liked, produced by Gutenbergus.

Incidentally, I also preferred Vicar's style at that time.
Is there some sort of  rule, or is it just a trend, that many artist (well, too many to my taste) "roundify" the Ducks that much? It's hard to explain, but toughly, the idea is that the beak's corner ir a round bubbly thing; Cavazzano is doing that, Vicar is doing it in his own way (whereas his style was more model sheet, like so many Gutenberghus artists), others are doing it.
Do they think it's "cute" (and less "agressive" than "angles")?

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