A whole lotta thoughts

Olivier (M&D) mouse-ducks at orange.fr
Mon Nov 19 12:06:24 CET 2007

More on b&w...

I remember Gladstone had difficulties coloring some strips precisely because 
of  the "gray coloring"-- a search has just confirmed the name "Zip-a-Tone", 
but it turns out to be a brand according to wikipedia; the actual name 
appears to be screentone. Could someone please confirm?

In the MM hardcover, for instance, "Blaggard Castle" suffered from this. It 
seems that Gladstone could only get grayed versions of  the strips.
This will be a problem with other stories, which made heavy use of  this 

Has the software evolved enough to make the elimination of  the gray tone 
If  not, this would be an argument for black & white.
In any case, it has certainly already been planned and approved.

Could you tell us which it will be, please, Gary or David? I suppose this is 
not much of a secret to reveal.


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