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To everyone involved in the discussion so far:
First, I'd like to complement all the participants for the high quality of  
the ongoing discussion.  
Everyone has something important to say -- and everyone says it with  respect 
and civility!  Take a bow, everyone!   
Gary and Travis's point on trade paperbacks is quite correct, and they  are 
doing the right thing for Gemstone.  My personal preference is just  toward the 
series periodical over the isolated TPB so, naturally, I'm going to  argue in 
that direction.     
Travis said:  "...unnumbered books don't carry the "baggage" of  300-700 
previous issues, so they provide a better entry point for new  readers."  

He is correct but, strictly personally, I can't say the  "baggage" deterred 
me much as a younger reader.  I became a regular reader  of WDC&S with issue # 
284 and BATMAN with # 179.  Today, they are at #  685 and # 670, respectively. 
I KNEW there were lots of previous issues I'd never see (...because in the  
Silver Age, when an issue was "gone" it was "gone"), and it just made me want 
to  know more about the characters... and the only way to do that was to keep 
buying  future issues of the title!  And I've purchased every issue of each  
released since then.  
...and, until recently, the TPB option was nonexistent anyway! 
Another factor working against the indoctrination of the potential  reader is 
awareness of the product -- and where to obtain it!  When I  casually drop 
the notion of my occasional scripting assignment for Gemstone, the  question I 
am asked most by "civilians" is "I'd like to see it!  Where do I  get one?"  
The answer is almost always "Nowhere around here!"  
I explain about comic shops (I go to the next county to get mine!), and  
online retailers, but interest is lost when they need do anything more than go  to 
the neighborhood store, as we did in the Silver Age!  
That, alas is a problem for the entire industry... not just Gemstone!   And 
that, of course, brings us to chain bookstores, trade paperbacks, and the  
undeniable validity of Gary and Travis's point.  
Still, I'd like that monthly DONALD AND MICKEY book... sigh! 
Special thanks to Jonathan for his copious comments!  
About the Gottfredson Library, he writes:  "I think that's why guys  like Joe 
and Dean and I are foaming at the mouth and saying  
DOITNOWDOITNOWDOITNOWPRINTITPRINTITPRINTIT!!!!!!! because this is one chance we  may not get again for 
a *very VEEERRY* long time"
Well, I won't presume to speak for Dean... But YES!!!  YES!!!   YES!!!   Oh, 
and did I mention... YES!!! 
Joe Torcivia. 

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